Lunario Nero D’Avola

Grapes: 100% Nero D’Avola 


Colour: Rosso 


Zone of production: West Sicily


Alcohol: 14% 


Vinification and Ageing: After the de-stemming, the grapes macerate at a controlled temperature in stainless steel tanks for 10 days with frequently “pumping-over” and “delestages”. At the end of the malolactic fermentation, the 50% of the wine is racked in second and third-year barrels for 12 months, while the remaining part of it keep on fermenting in tank.


Description: Deep and vivid violet colour. The nose reveals intensive and shapely notes of cherry, mulberry and spices. On the palate is decisive, creamy but at the same time is delicate, elegant and persistent. Wine that well represents the typical contrasts of our land.

How to serve: Serve at a temperature between 16° and 18°C in average size stem glasses.







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